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The Greenery Giving Back

The Greenery, Inc. - Friday, September 07, 2018
The Greenery Giving Back

By: Christina Harden, HHI Seasonal Color Manager

The Greenery, our purpose is “Enhancing people’s lives through beautiful landscaping.” And recently I had the opportunity to put our purpose into practice. I hosted a garden workshop at Camp Sinawik, a day camp for middle and high school students with special needs run by the Kiwanis Club of Bluffton.

I had the privilege of leading 22 campers in the creation of a sensory container garden using different plants to represent the different senses:

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Scent and taste: Oregano, thyme, mint

Touch: Lamb’s Ear, Selaginella, seeds

Sight: Gerber daisies, celosia

Sound: Dried leaves, pine straw

Each camper decorated their container and then chose 3-4 plants to combine in the container. We also planted sunflower seeds and peas in small peat pots.

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In addition to completing the plantings, we discussed various skills used by The Greenery teams on a daily basis. The group enjoyed a lively discussion on ways to use each of the plants, foods the fragrant and edible plants reminded them of, an overview of the life cycle of plants, a basic plant propagation demo (by using mint cuttings), proper watering techniques, and how to care for their plants once they got them home.

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Camp Sinawik (Kiwanis backwards) is an inaugural event hosted by the Kiwanis Club of Bluffton in early August. It is a 3 day summer day camp catering to middle and high school students with life challenges: emotional, physical, cognitive. There is no charge to the students’ families for their attendance. The campers get to enjoy a variety of events including: swimming, fishing, gardening, arts and crafts, a nature trail, sports, a camping/survivalist skills class, a low country critter class, and a sing-a-long. They plan to continue hosting the camp each summer and grow our campers and partners as much as possible. Before starting the camp, their research found that there is no similar summer opportunity for kids with special needs in our area.

I really appreciate being able to participate in this event. I think I may have had more fun than the campers! I definitely left the morning with a very full heart.

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